Angel and Marko are exemplary dog parents and give of themselves fully to each furry friend under their care. They splurge on nutritious meals and snacks, provide plenty of playtime individually and as a group, and ensure exercise and training tasks to keep their energy and curiosity stimulated. The dogs are clearly healthy and happy and gets lots of cuddles. No doubt Angel and Marko are responsible and loving people.

Angela N.

She is a real Angel 😇 and her husband, Marko too..
I feel so lucky and blessed to meet them.
I’m running a rescue and am really in need of foster homes.
They are stepping up without any questions for our blind and three legs dog. And they are doing so well with them even getting for them more training and loving.
You will never regret. They really love dogs and love to help. Trust me❤️

Su L.

Angel & Marko are amazing pet caregiver’s! They are caring, patient, kind and really love to what they do. They are very involved in the community, they donate to pet rescue shelters and often house rescue dogs. They took great care of our dog Chapek. He was well fed, walked often and when we picked him up he looked like he had a wonderful vacation. I would highly recommend Angel & Marko and we will be using them again soon.

Martin M.

A kind and caring dog owner for over 15+ years, Angel will always give absolute attention and care to any dog she is given to care for. My dog was well looked after. Taken for walks and fed, and kept safe. I have booked Angel many times when I needed someone to look after Bobo when I was too busy. She always came back in perfect condition, and happy. Angel’s dogs are also well trained and get along with Bobo, so she will not be lonely at all when spending time there. I can recommend Angel 100% of the time to look after dogs.

Pat L.