About Us

Are you looking for a place for your beloved pets to stay where it feels like home? Do you want a place where they can play with other dogs and get plenty of attention? An environment where they’ll get to do a lot of different activities throughout the day? If these are things you are looking for, then you’ve found the right people to care for your dog(s).

We have a passion for dogs. Having been dog owners for over two decades, we know what they need to live long and happy lives. In addition to caring for our own pack, we regularly work with multiple rescue organizations, both domestic and international, to foster and re-home dogs. We’ve worked with different breeds and sizes, but we specialize in handling small to medium-sized dogs.

Our dog boarding is run from the comfort of our home with plenty of space for dogs to wander around and feel as if it is their own home. We offer regular updates, including plenty of photos and videos. When your dog spends time with us, they will feel like they’re at a four-star resort. So much so, they might not want to leave when you come to take them home.